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This Clash of Clans Bot takes you to the topHave you ever wondered how top players are capable of staying above 4000 trophies? Or maybe why your Clan War opponents have maxed walls even though their towers are under leveled? You may think there is a Clash of Clans hack but the answer is quite simple – a Bot for Clash of Clans which automatically farms for you Gold, Elixir and/or Dark Elixir without requiring any human’s help.
Application:  Clash Of Clans Bot
Version:  6.0
OS Supported: Windows (Bluestacks) / Android / iOS
Language: English (US)
File Size: 6.3 MB


Clash Of Clans BotSo you may wonder how this Bot can help you in Clash of Clans. Whether you’re trophy pushing for that 2000 gem reward in Champions or farming resources, this bot does it all. Most players want to max their base and upgrade as many buildings and troops as possible, but does it really have to be that hard? Why waste your time and effort, grinding away to finally get that 1 lava wall after many hours? This is the point where CoC Bot comes in, automatically raiding and finding the best bases to attack after building custom troops set by you. Need to find the best configurations to raid? We share optimal settings for every Town Hall level with all CoC Bot users making sure you are getting the maximum possible resources every day.

We guarantee that you will have so much gold and elixir flooding in that even 5 builders cannot keep up. This is why we highly recommend you to leave 1 builder free to upgrade walls so that your storages don’t get maxed. For highly maxed TH10 users this may differ, because farming ressources at this level isn’t that much profitable anymore, but you will experience this by yourself anyways with our CoC Bot.

Now that you’re maxed, what’s there left to do? Top players use these bots to stay active and avoid being attacked and lose trophies. Meanwhile, they’re donating tens of thousands of troops every season to their clan and gaining levels shockingly fast.

CoC Bot Feature List

The Clash Of Clans Bot community is extremely important to us and we would love to hear suggestions for new features and feedback that you have to offer. Please click the tab on the left to share your thoughts! We will determine the most popular new features and strive to implement them as fast as possible.


  • Highly advanced attacking algorithm
  • Anti-ban features including humanized troop deployment
  • Continuous updates and improvements
  • We are continuously updating and improving CoC Bot
  • Automated chatting feature to recruit new clan members from Global
  • Up to 20 million gold and elixir a day
  • Automatic collection of gold and elixir from mines
  • Donating and requesting troops from your Clan
  • Stay online 24/7 to avoid losing resources and trophies

First Class Performance

Clash Of Clans Bot is the ultimate, highest performing bot out there, farming up to 20 million gold and elixir a day effortlessly, depending on your Town hall level. This does only work due to our unique and revolutionary smart attacking algorithm, which is analyzing all potential bases in order to find the best attack strategy.

Instant Access

Don’t waste any more time and miss out on all of that gold and elixir! Once you’ve subscribed, you will immediately receive your account details. Start today, sit back and relax. We will help you max your base as fast as possible. Don’t mind to contact our support in case of problems.

Easy Setup

Our easy to understand tutorials will guide you step by step through the installation process. Clash Of Clans Bot is very user friendly and packed full of features that can be customised in a simple GUI interface. Furthermore, it can run in the background, leaving you free to do whatever you want on your computer!


A good attack strategy needs preparations

p4Depending on your own troops and townhall level it can be really hard to make successful attacks (especially if you are in a clanwar and/or trophy raiding). Thus you should read about some good attack strategies, research your troops especially for your desired strategy and learn it by doing them yourself. Below we are going to mention the most popular and best attack strategies for every Townhall level.

To achieve the maximum potential for your base, you need to optimise the location of every tower and wall in order for your attackers to be lead into unsuccessful raids and fail their objective, whether it be to gain trophies or steal resources.

Tired of losing every defense? Change your base design to our recommended designs depending on your town hall level and get superior results!


Base Designs Types

TH1-War-Base-300x256War Base

The aim of these bases are to prevent a 3 star attack. The majority of war bases can be 2 starred but what makes a war base stand out is its ability to defend against a 100%. There does not need to be any protection of storages (they can even be unprotected outside the base).


Hiding your townhall in a very effective way, your enemy will have harder time getting a 3 stars against you


Your cannons are exposed and a smart enemy will use that to break through your base!


A good base for beginners, Most of the new players wont use the cannons disadvantage against you and you will most likely survive the attack!



Farming BaseFarming Base

The aim of these bases is to protect your gold and elixir storages. They can either be centrally located or placed in the corners of your base so that troops will have to split up in order to loot more resources. Town halls are usually undefended and placed on the outside of your base to obtain free shields and protect your resources even further. There will not be much focus on trophies and usually will result in loss of trophies over time (if you don’t search for attacks yourself).
Hybrid base


Town hall is out of the base, most beginners attackers will focus on the town hall and your resources will stay safe and you will get a free shield! thats very good base for farming.


Cannons are exposed and very easy targets, they cant protect each other becuase they are too far!


Good farming base, in 99% of the cases players at that level will go to your town hall and your resources will stay safe and thats what we want when we use a farming base design!



Hybrid BaseHybrid Base

A cross between a Trophy base and a Farming base. These bases try to protect both trophies and resources. Town halls will be centrally located and storages are placed in the corners of your base for the same reason as above. However, these bases are not as effective as Farming bases for protecting loot.
Trophy base


Town hall is well protected by the storages that have high health points!


Cannons are exposed and can get destroyed pretty easy if the enemy isnt beginner


Typical hybrid base, if the attacker will go for your resources he will lose the game but you will lose resources.



Trophy BaseTrophy Base

The aim of these bases is to retain trophies and even gain trophies from failed attacks. Town halls will be located in the centre with minimal defense of storages.


Town hall is protected, high chances that the enemy wont success to get 3 starts against you.

The storages are a good destruction for new players and they will probarly go for them.


One cannon is exposed and can get destroyed instantly without doing any damage.


The base is very good for trophy gaining, you will win most of your defense attempts and only lose resources!

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